Import Taxes

Customers from countries outside the EU might be required to pay import taxes by their local government. It varies from country to country and depends on the country's government rules and politics. We encourage you to check up on your country's rules with regard to import from the EU as you have the responsibility to pay any import taxes that might be added.

As a help and guideline we have provided a list of thresholds for import taxes in various countries (updated 09/27/21). Be aware that these are only guidelines and that you should check up on the rules yourself as well to make sure what applies to you. We are not responsible for nor able to keep track of all government rules and rule changes in all countries around the world.

  • EU countries: No import tax
  • USA: Import tax for orders above $800
  • Canada: Import tax for orders above 20 CAD
  • Norway: Import tax if a single item is above 3000 NOK
  • Australia: Import tax for orders above 1000 AUD
  • UK: Import tax for orders above £135